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                                       microcannulas provide a less traumatic and more reliable injection technique. Their balance between rigidity and flexibility, combined with the originality of the injection orifice, makes it possible to use a large number of dermal fillers, regardless of their viscosities. 
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  • Allow treatment of a larger injection area


  • Allow a better penetration of the product under the skin


  • Reduce of unwanted side effects


  • Make the procedure virtually painless by flexibility tip


  • Speed single injection point treatment of a larger area


  • Make it possible to adapt the injection technique by flexibility tip


  • Reduces the risk of intravascular injection with greatly rounded tip

Safo Cannula.png
                                          microcannulas are available in several gauges (e.g. 30G, 27G, 25G, 22G, 20G, 18G and 16G) and different lengths (from ½” to 4”).
This injection technique
limits the injection points, which allows a less painful intervention by the healthcare providers for the patients.

General Size Cannulas

30Gx30mm (1") Cannula + Needle 27Gx13mm
27Gx40mm (1 1/2") Cannula + Needle 25Gx25mm
25Gx30mm (1") Cannula + Needle 23Gx38mm
25Gx40mm  (1 1/2") Cannula + Needle 23Gx38mm
25Gx50mm (2") Cannula + Needle 23Gx38mm
25Gx70mm (2") Cannula + Needle 23Gx38mm
22Gx40mm (1 1/2") Cannula + Needle 21Gx38mm
22Gx50mm (2") Cannula + Needle 21Gx38mm
22Gx70mm (2 3/4") Cannula + Needle 21Gx38mm

Special Size Cannulas

20Gx70mm (2 3/4") Cannula + Needle 19Gx38mm
18Gx100mm  (4") Cannula + Needle 17Gx38mm
16Gx100mm  (4") Cannula + Needle 16Gx38mm
Safo Cannula 3.jpg

We would like to point out that the injection of products should be carried out only by certified healthcare providers.


                                  microcannulas come in boxes of 25 and made in Korea products.

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